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Morisset Rotary celebrates it's 50th Year in 2017. One of the celebrations was a morning tea comprising past and present Rotary Members, Presidents, Friends of Rotary, Volunteers, Exchange students and District Representatives.

The event was held in the Recreation Hall of Morisset Hospital, which was the location of the fist club meeting in 50 Years ago in February 1967. We were delighted to have some of the founding Club Members and their Representatives join us for a beautiful morning.

A huge expression of thanks goes out to everyone involved including Hunter Health for access and the Morisset Historical Society for their assistance. A simply brilliant event. The club is looking forward to additional public, celebratory events in May and July which will be advertised here.

There are plenty more photos taken on the day here >

Morisset Rotary Celebrates 50 Years via Nameless Bay Morning Tea at Morisset Hospital Recreation Hall. More Photos © 2018